Fuck 2020 Box

  • $30.00

It's been a rough year y'all. Treat yo self to some of our favorite picks. Enjoy my lovely descriptions...

First, get in the shower with Shower Frosting to cleanse and scrub this year's dead skin away. You'll sing, "Latte Di Da," like you just don't give a fuck...because well...yea. You'll take all the caffeine in the world right now even if it just smells like the morning brew.

When you get out, apply luxurious lotion to put some moisture back into your skin to help with the, "withering away" feeling you may have. It smells AMAZING, and will put you in a happy mood. Black Raspberry Vanilla! 

You can even exfoliate and moisturize your lips with the Peppermint Lip Care set to properly kiss this year goodbye.

Maybe tomorrow evening you can relax in the tub with a Lavender Bath Bomb to calm your ass down. Maybe meditate about 2021. 

Love you! You are amazing! You got this! 

Ingredients:.....give me a minute 🤣. I'll get ya these asap.

Shower Frosting: 


Lip Therapy:

Lip Polish:

Bath Bomb: